A pre-listing plumbing inspection service will reduce the risk of a deal falling through or renegotiation at the eleventh hour. The buyer’s home inspector may have discovered a plumbing related issue that nobody knew about.

The issue may be blown out of proportion, rising from a misunderstanding of the orientation and engineering of the plumbing system. An Expert Eye will know if there is an issue….large or small.

A Pre-Purchase Inspection and review of the plumbing system provides you with important information on the current condition and performance of the building’s plumbing systems. Not knowing the true condition of your potential purchase could cost you a lot of money on major repairs or replacement of expensive systems.

Expert Eye inspectors conduct a visual inspection of accessible systems and components of the home, including:

  • Water distribution systems.
  • Drain, waste and vent systems.
  • Main sewer and drain video inspection and locating service.
  • Septic pumping systems and locating service of underground tanks.
  • The general function of the plumbing system as a whole.
  • Inspections of piping in crawl spaces.
  • Camera inspections under floors, above ceilings, around corners, under tubs and whirlpools.
  • Signs of leaks…current…past…future.
  • Required maintenance or lack of.
  • Existence of mold, floor rot.
  • Moisture build-up in construction components indicating hidden leak and seepage.
  • Appliances, water filtration, and treatment systems.
  • Consistent odor troubles… we can perform hydrostatic tests to prove id sewer gas is in the air.
  • Bacterial contamination of your food or water storage and preparation equipment.
  • Fixture and faucet operation and integrity.

Our reports are accurate and precise. They also include images, notes, recommendations, and remedies.

Camera Line Inspections


Camera line inspection technology has come a long way, it helps to find any potential Plumbing, Sewer, or HVAC issues.

Some of the potential problems we can pinpoint using camera technology would be;

  • Buildup and or blockages in pipes and ventilation
  • Infiltration of tree roots
  • The exact location of any potential leaks or damaged areas

Seeing is believing!

Residential and commercial property owners in Woodstock / London / Cambridge / Kitchener / Waterloo know that we offer the best service in the area!