Experteye can review your plumbing system for


National code compliance

Dangerous piping connections

Unhealthy situations caused by unqualified installers

Problematic sewer and drain behavior

What is a Home Plumbing Review?


Our plumbing inspector’s job is to act as an impartial party hired to examine the plumbing systems. Our inspector reports on all deficiencies that may be found within the home or business.

Our plumbing review can be a powerful tool for realty sales and purchases.

Our plumbing inspections can help the sellers prepare their home or business for the market.

Experteye plumbing inspections can help the buyer purchase with confidence and be made aware of potential or existing plumbing issues.

Remember there is no passing or failing a plumbing inspection it is a review of the existing plumbing systems.

Our Experteye plumbing inspections include a visual examination of the current condition of the property’s plumbing systems. We will identify any known defects within specific plumbing components.

We offer a video examination of sewer and drain systems beneath the basement floor and all the way to the city connections.






Inspiring Confidence in Every Home Buyer or Seller


Few transactions of your life will be as consequential as the purchase or sale of properties. You may be about to make one of the most important decisions in your life. Don’t make it without an Experteye!


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Full Home Plumbing Inspection​


Our typical plumbing inspection takes 2-3 hours to complete. The inspection is of the plumbing systems only. This includes appliances, fixtures, pipes, connections, leaks, sewers and drains, and everything in between.

We take all the information we have collected and generate a comprehensive report on the existing conditions.

A comprehensive review will detect obvious problems and aid in the reveal of hidden problems that need to be rectified.

We believe this is a valuable service that may mitigate expensive repairs in the future, and alleviate any liabilities for improper installations of the aforementioned components and systems.



Time and time again when I meet with a new homeowner that are experiencing plumbing troubles,
I hear them declare

“but I hired a home inspector!”


Our response is –
Most home inspectors don’t have the experience in the plumbing field that we do.